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Autrijus Tang autrijus at
Fri Nov 7 19:12:04 PST 2003

?b 五, 2003-11-07 20:10, Quincey Koziol ?g?D?G
>     I recently installed the rt3 port on my FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE machine and ran
> into a dependency problem: the  p5-DBD-mysql port that either rt3 itself or
> one of its dependent ports needs was not brought in by 'portupgrade -rRN rt3'.
> Can this be added as a dependency for rt3?

That is indeed so.  Dmitry, can you help me to commit the patch below?

--- Makefile.orig	Sat Nov  8 11:09:15 2003
+++ Makefile	Sat Nov  8 11:10:20 2003
@@ -100,7 +100,8 @@
 DB_TYPE=	mysql
-BUILD_DEPENDS+=	${LOCALBASE}/bin/mysql_config:${PORTSDIR}/databases/mysql40-server
+BUILD_DEPENDS+=	${LOCALBASE}/bin/mysql_config:${PORTSDIR}/databases/mysql40-server \
+		${SITE_PERL}/${PERL_ARCH}/DBD/${PORTSDIR}/databases/p5-DBD-mysql
 USE_PERL5=	yes

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