Development strategy

Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Fri Nov 7 17:17:07 PST 2003

Hello dear portmgrs!

I think, I'm not first who wants to ask about ports management system 
development strategy.

Now, It's looks like nobody determine the strategy. Patches are got from 
contributors and committed spontaneily. It's OK for bugs fixes. But it's 
necessary a person who will think about a development strategy, new 
feature, begin discussions, direct voluteers.

I thought all new features must be descussed first and perfected by a 
collective mind. But all my ideas I sent in ports@ have *no* any answer. 
As I can see it's better to write a patch (may be draft, may be bad), 
send it and may be it'll be committed some time. If you have only idea 
to discuss, you are not welcome.

The same with individual committers. I have a bad experience to send 
them my patches and proposals. I wait for monthes(!) for an answer. And 
  the answer mostly one "I have no time to check it right now". I have 
the experience with four committers. But the most slow is tobez at . He 
think about my proposals (and some patches) for perl system improvements 
for about a half year! I write him periodicaly, but have no answer or 
just "not now" and "later".

Of course, than later than less my itch for doing things.

I think, an open source project developers must be always "on fire" to 
keep the project unwither. Who can kindle this fire if not you? :)

With a great respect to your big work,

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