RFC: FreeBSD DB Port Reform

Pat Lashley patl+freebsd at volant.org
Thu Nov 6 09:23:32 PST 2003

--On Thursday, November 06, 2003 16:51:59 +0100 Matthias Andree 
<ma at dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de> wrote:

> If hier(7) is so off-limits/intangible that we cannot leave a
> /usr/local/$PORTNAME in addition to the usual stuff, we'll have to
> continue patching the ports.

I think your proposed solution is the most elegant available.  And
after reviewing hier(7); I don't see anything that specificly forbids
it.  There is also precedent with some of the more complex ports.
(E.g., the various JDKs)  To satisfy the hier Strict Constructionists,
why not propose a simple addition to hier(7) to cover complex vendor
branch applications?  This would retroactively legitimize the JDK,
OpenSSL, Acrobat5, OpenOffice.org, and other ports that already install
into /usr/local/<mumble>.


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