FreeBSD Port: apache-1.3.28 - error in installation

Beryllium beryllium at
Wed Nov 5 14:06:17 PST 2003

I've encountered what I think is a bug in the Apache installation 
procedure. I've reproduced the problem on multiple systems.

When upgrading from Apache 1.3.28 to 1.3.29 on FreeBSD4.9-R, the 
Makefile suffers a fatal error when chmodding the files in  
www/data-dist - this error only seems to occur when the files have a 
space in the name. As a space is a valid character in a UNIX filename, I 
suspect that perhaps the code used to initiate this chmod procedure 
needs to be slightly modified to handle proper UNIX filenames.

I don't know if anyone has reported this behaviour yet, but no one I 
encountered on IRC seemed to  have experienced it - I thought I should 
bring it up.

Thanks for your time,


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