Rotting PRs reminder

Greg Lewis glewis at
Wed Nov 5 10:25:10 PST 2003

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 11:23:25AM +0100, Stefan Walter wrote:
> these two PRs for new ports have been around for almost four months
> without even a single comment:
> (PPower4 - Post processor for PDF presentations made with (La)TeX)
> (FoilTeX - a collection of LaTeX files for making foils/slides)
> If there's anything wrong with them, it's unlikely for me to notice
> unless someone points it out to me - they do work for me without any
> problems.

Looking at them briefly...

The FoilTeX do-extract looks suspiciously like it should be a build
target rather than an extract.

Both ports look like you could use %%EXAMPLESDIR%% and %%DOCSDIR%% in
the packing list.

Why is mktexlsr not just run during post-install instead of printing
a message saying one should do so?

The PPower4 port should install its JAR in JAVAJARDIR, as defined by

> While we're at it, this third PR is a plain update of lang/mmix to the
> latest version - no compile time or plist changes:

Committed.  This one was assigned to a committer up until a couple
days ago, so its unlikely anyone would have looked at it until then.

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