Suspected email virus

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Wed Nov 5 06:22:20 PST 2003

XPR at SBC wrote:

> After sending email to the 3 addresses listed above in To:
> I received several email messages from various sender (many claiming to 
> be Microsoft) containing what appears to be email virus.
> I am attaching the header info from the emails received.  The 
> originating IP might give you some clue.  (The IP is not the same in all 
> but there is some consistency)
> I am sending this message from an email address that has never been used 
> before.  If I see similar results, I think that would help confirm it is 
> one of the 3 addresses.

ports at may be a good bet. Don't post to public mailing lists if
you don't have a Virus scanner and a Spam filter...


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