centericq >= 4.9.8 and MSN access

Cheng-Lung Sung clsung at
Mon Nov 3 03:11:08 PST 2003

Yes, if no legal problems, patches for 4.9.8 will include MSN support.
May I just take you defined description? :)


±z¦b <bo4krm$f4n$1 at> ¤å³¹¤º´£¨ì:
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> It seems that the author of centericq has removed MSN support in the
> 4.9.8 release, because of "possible legal problems with the new
> protocol". Being that patches already exist for FreeBSD's own 4.9.7 to
> make it work with this new protocol, how will MSN access in versions >
> 4.9.7 work? If it's not too difficult, I'd like to see this support=20
> carried on into new versions of centericq. As it stands, it's the=20
> only (or at least the only one that responds to "make search key=3Dmsn")
> console client capable of supporting MSN on FreeBSD. As for the=20
> aforementioned legal issues, perhaps something like the following would do:
> =2Eif defined(WITH_MSN)
> @{ECHO_MSG} "There may be some sticky legal issues with the new version"
> @{ECHO_MSG} "of this protocol. Users should be aware that they might be"
> @{ECHO_MSG} "in violation of the DMCA or other laws. If this is"
> @{ECHO_MSG} "unacceptable, hit Ctrl-C now and remove WITH_MSN from your"
> @{ECHO_MSG} "make flags. The FreeBSD group assumes no responsibility or"
> @{ECHO_MSG} "liability for any losses or damages sustained by use or"
> @{ECHO_MSG} "disuse of software in the ports tree. See"
> @{ECHO_MSG} "${relevant_handbook_section} for details."
> =2Eendif
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