centericq >= 4.9.8 and MSN access

Christopher Nehren apeiron at
Sun Nov 2 20:15:31 PST 2003

It seems that the author of centericq has removed MSN support in the
4.9.8 release, because of "possible legal problems with the new
protocol". Being that patches already exist for FreeBSD's own 4.9.7 to
make it work with this new protocol, how will MSN access in versions >
4.9.7 work? If it's not too difficult, I'd like to see this support 
carried on into new versions of centericq. As it stands, it's the 
only (or at least the only one that responds to "make search key=msn")
console client capable of supporting MSN on FreeBSD. As for the 
aforementioned legal issues, perhaps something like the following would do:

.if defined(WITH_MSN)
@{ECHO_MSG} "There may be some sticky legal issues with the new version"
@{ECHO_MSG} "of this protocol. Users should be aware that they might be"
@{ECHO_MSG} "in violation of the DMCA or other laws. If this is"
@{ECHO_MSG} "unacceptable, hit Ctrl-C now and remove WITH_MSN from your"
@{ECHO_MSG} "make flags. The FreeBSD group assumes no responsibility or"
@{ECHO_MSG} "liability for any losses or damages sustained by use or"
@{ECHO_MSG} "disuse of software in the ports tree. See"
@{ECHO_MSG} "${relevant_handbook_section} for details."

I've seen this sort of thing elsewhere in the ports tree (things related
to IDEA come to mind), which is where I got the idea for this. 

Thanks in advance for any information on this issue.

Best regards,
Christopher Nehren
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