PR to close, and why they should be closed.

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at
Sun Nov 2 13:42:06 PST 2003

Hi guys !

These PR need to be closed (based on Mark's reminder)
PR number:     56866
PR title:      ports/news/inn-stable ovdb support can't build with berkeleyDB 4.1
category:      news
portname:      inn-stable

ovdb (db4.1) support was added with PR 57158 on Septembre 25th.
Note: PR 58394 and 58395 fix serious problems in inn and inn-stable
ports and add db3 and db4 support

PR number:     30870
PR title:      www/apache13-ssl: httpd in free(): warning: recursive call
category:      www
portname:      apache13-ssl

Already fixed in apache-ssl release (in this case).

PR number:     38125
PR title:      ApacheCylical Link error/bug in Virtualserver in www/apache2
category:      www
portname:      apache2

I can't reproduce this problem. Virtual hosting works fine for me. And
submitter seems to use RedHat linux now.

PR number:     56922
PR title:      www/apache2: Apache-2.0.47 ab Utility does Not work
category:      www
portname:      apache2

Most of ab bugs have been fixed in 2.0.48, including this one.

PR number:     58811
PR title:      apache 2 ports fails to satisfy dependency
category:      www
portname:      apache2

Submitter send a PR after contacting me. In fact, I think he only wants
to submit a PR :) After a long long long discussion in private (I was a
little bit hard in the follow-up, because I was upset), he understood
how works ports submission, and feel too shame to post a folluw up :-) I
thanked him for the bug reports, PR can be safely closed.
This bug is known and fixed in PR 58739 (still pending).


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