Please remove german/cheapcall port (was: FreeBSD ports: 1 unfetchable distfiles: german/cheapcall)

Peter Cornelius pcc at
Sun Nov 2 10:03:48 PST 2003

Hi folks, 
please be so kind and remove the port, I have attempted several times to
contact the 
author(s) and to locate the distfiles. As it seems, it has been
Thanks a lot, 
all the best, 
> Dear pcc at, 
> 	You are listed as the FreeBSD port maintainer for 1 port 
> whose distfiles [or main web pages] are not fetchable from their 
> MASTER_SITES.  Could you please visit 
> and correct the problems listed there?  The individual port with 
> a problem is german/cheapcall. 
> 	Note that the main port web page, as listed in the WWW: line 
> of the pkg-descr, is checked just as though it was a port distfile. 
> This is an unfortunate side effect of the architecture of the distfile 
> survey reporting tool, but if you see a distfile being reported as 
> not fetchable that's not actually a distfile, see if it's from the 
> pkg-descr. 
> 	If you have already corrected the problems and submitted a 
> PR, please accept my thanks and apologies for the delay in getting the 
> fixes into the tree.  This reminder is created automatically and does 
> not (yet) have a way to know if a PR fixing the problem has been 
> submitted.  Please do *NOT* send your response to me directly; I do 
> not always have time to commit your fix; please instead submit a PR 
> via 'send-pr' so it doesn't get lost. 
> 	Problems are usually of two types: 
> 1. The software package has been upgraded and the version in the 
> port has been removed.  The best solution to this problem is to 
> upgrade the port to the most current version of the software package. 
> If you are a FreeBSD committer, then you can just upgrade the port 
> directly.  If not, you should create the updated port on your own machine,

> test it (and maybe even run "portlint" on it), and then use "send-pr" 
> to submit a "diff -uNr old-port updated-port".  If you added or deleted 
> any files, please make an explicit note of it. 
> 2. The mirror site being used no longer contains the software package 
> in question, or no longer exists.  Solutions include: 
> 	a) If there are other mirror sites, just remove the bad site 
> 	from the list.  (Make sure that what appears to be a bad site 
> 	isn't actually a problem of type 1, upgrade) 
> 	b) If the README or other support files in the software 
> 	documentation mention where to get the software package, 
> 	use one of those sites. 
> 	c) Use ftpsearch ( or other 
> 	search engines to find another place to get the original 
> 	DISTFILES.  Make sure that you don't pick a FreeBSD distfiles 
> 	mirror -- if you can't find any other places where the file 
> 	exists, it can be a LOCAL_PORT or you can simply comment out 
> 	the MASTER_SITES= line, with a comment explaining why. 
> Once you have a solution, use "send-pr" to submit a "diff -u" of the 
> Makefile. 
> 	Note that this isn't an urgent issue, as people who try to 
> build the port now will just fall back to the FreeBSD distfiles mirror. 
> Please just put it on your list to do and get to it when you have time. 
> These messages will continue to arrive twice a month until the fix is 
> committed, as a reminder. 
> Thanks, 
>   Bill "distfiles" Fenner. 

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