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Chen, Lihong lihong.chen at
Thu Jun 8 10:38:03 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-06-07 at 20:30 -0400, Chad Gross wrote:

> Has anyone else run into a problem with the lastest portupgrade of firefox?
> The latest version (,1) breaks all extensions, in fact it
> doesn't even see any of the extensions. It will not let you update the
> extensions either. When trying to use Gmail it causes an infinite
> script error that, when cancelled, disables the usefulness of Gmail.
> There doesn't not seem to be anything in port/UPDATING regarding any
> changes. This problem disappears when I deinstalled firefox and
> pkg_add -r firefox which installs Any ideas?
> Chad

I had this symptom before.
To solve it, just undefine WITH_OPTIMIZED_CFLAGS.

Chen Lihong
Lab 721, EE, NCHU, Taiwan
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