ports/96918: sysutils/fcron: fcrondyn completely broken

clemens fischer ino-qc at spotteswoode.de.eu.org
Fri Jun 2 15:08:44 UTC 2006

> Brad Huntting:

> The generic fix is to add code to configure.in and config.h.in.in to
> set HAVE_SA_LEN.  Then, when filling in the struct sockaddr before a
> connect or bind, use #ifdef HAVE_SA_LEN and fill in the sun_len field.
> This is the bulk of the patch in PR ports/97066.  Note, in this case,
> the code leading up to connect() was did not correctly check the path
> length and called strncpy() with incorrect arguments, so I had to fix
> that too.

it has been some time since you fixed the port, could you also commit
it, please?

> But, yes, the changes to configure.in and config.in.in are generic
> enough they should be useable with anything that uses gnu configure
> just place the added lines in the right place.  Then add the
> appropreate #ifdefs when setting up the socket address before bind and
> connect.  Such a patch should be ecumenical enough that it can be sent
> to the original code maintainer.  After all, FreeBSD is not the only
> system to use sa_len.

i'll send this over to thibault Godouet, the original author of fcron.


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