ports/72968: Broken network support in x{mame,mess} partially failing silently

Miguel Mendez flynn at energyhq.es.eu.org
Fri Oct 22 20:00:46 UTC 2004

The following reply was made to PR ports/72968; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Miguel Mendez <flynn at energyhq.es.eu.org>
To: Christopher Nehren <apeiron at comcast.net>
Cc: FreeBSD-gnats-submit at FreeBSD.org
Subject: Re: ports/72968: Broken network support in x{mame,mess} partially
 failing silently
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 21:52:03 +0200

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 On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 10:44:37 -0400
 Christopher Nehren <apeiron at comcast.net> wrote:
 > ... eep. The PR was not meant to be condescending or anything else of
 > the sort. I apologise for that. All that I wanted to accomplish was to
 > give the people reading the PR an account from my perspective of the
 > issue with the port. I definitely couldn't do as good a job as you
 > have with maintaining the port.
 Ok, sorry for blowing things out of proportion. This last 2 weeks have
 been specially stressing at work. Let's have this patch comitted and, in
 two weeks when I have some days off I'll work on fully OPTIONS-ifying
 the port. 
 Sorry again for the mess. Now time to head to the pub to relax.
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