ports/73917: [PATCH] Update audio/cheesetracker to 0.9.9

freebsd at bilogic.org freebsd at bilogic.org
Mon Nov 15 18:56:09 UTC 2004

I only tested on 5.3; I removed a dependency on qmake, but I think I
missed adding a qt33 dependency back in and neglected to test the port in
an empty mtree.  Here's the list of updated/removed/added files (as
reported by CVS update):

cvs update: Updating .
M Makefile
M distinfo
M pkg-plist
cvs update: Updating files
R files/cheesetracker.pro
A files/patch-SConstruct
A files/patch-cheesetracker::program__QT::SCsub
A files/patch-common::components::audio::sample_conversion.cpp
R files/patch-common::components::audio::sample_data.cpp
R files/patch-common::components::file::file_access.cpp
R files/patch-common::drivers::posix::mutex_lock_pthread.h
R files/patch-common::drivers::posix::sound_driver_oss.cpp
A files/patch-common::drivers::posix::tcp_client_posix.cpp
A files/patch-common::drivers::posix::tcp_server_posix.cpp
R files/patch-common::drivers::posix::timer_sigalarm.cpp
R files/patch-common::drivers::rtaudio::rt_audio.cpp
R files/patch-common::interface__QT::audio::sample_editor_format.cpp
R files/patch-common::plugins::edit_effects::simple_edit_effects.cpp
M files/patch-common::plugins::effects::custom::chorus_effect.cpp
A files/patch-common::plugins::effects::custom::effect_distortion.cpp
A files/patch-common::plugins::effects::custom::effect_pshift.cpp
R files/patch-common::plugins::effects::custom::freeverb_effect.cpp
A files/patch-common::plugins::effects::ladspa::SCsub
R files/patch-common::plugins::effects::ladspa::ladspa_effect.cpp
R files/patch-common::plugins::effects::ladspa::ladspa_effect_source.cpp
R files/patch-common::plugins::resamplers::helpers.h
A files/patch-detect.py
R files/patch-interface_binds::editor.cpp
R files/patch-trackercore::tracker_voice.cpp

If you can't figure out how to make it work, I'll take a look at it later
today; I've got a 4.x system here too.


On Mon, 15 Nov 2004, Volker Stolz wrote:

> Synopsis: [PATCH] Update audio/cheesetracker to 0.9.9
> State-Changed-From-To: open->feedback
> State-Changed-By: vs
> State-Changed-When: Mon Nov 15 09:09:51 GMT 2004
> State-Changed-Why:
> Hm, something doesn't work as expected on 4.10. Did you nuke any patches which
> were addressing this or is this new behaviour? Also, please explicitly list
> added/removed files in your PR.
> ===>   cheesetracker-0.9.9 depends on file: /usr/X11R6/bin/moc - found
> ===>   cheesetracker-0.9.9 depends on shared library: sigc-1.2.5 - found
> ===>  Configuring for cheesetracker-0.9.9
> ===>  Building for cheesetracker-0.9.9
> scons: Reading SConscript files ...
> Detecting if PKG-CONFIG is installed...
> 0.15.0
> pkg-config found!
> Checking for libsigc++-1.2...
> 1.2.5
> libsigc++-1.2 found!
> QT Check:
> $QTDIR not found, you could define this pointing to a proper QT location if not found
> I will try to check if you have Qt in a bunch of paths..
> Looking for QT 3.x Includes:
> /usr/X11R6/include
> Checking QT version..
> #define QT_VERSION_STR   "3.3.2"
> Looking for QT 3.x Libraries:
> Looking for QT 3.x 'moc' Binary:
> I Couldnt find QT in your system :(
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=73917

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