firefox 1.0.1

Rob rob2 at
Sat Nov 13 18:09:02 UTC 2004

Claus Guttesen wrote:

>>errors from the compiler, however, multiple features
>>are broken in
>>firefox.  i can't open links in a new tab (i can
>>make a new tab, however.).
>May not apply, but after an upgrade to rc1 I was
>unable to use my arrow-keys when writing text in a box
>(like Yahoo-mail). I had to use the mouse to navigate
>up and down. Removing the directory .mozilla and
>restarting firefox did the trick.
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Hi guys,

I recently installed Firefox and Thunderbird.  I was dismayed to find 
out that web links in email wouldn't bring up Firefox, and email links 
in Firefox wouldn't bring up Thunderbird.  So I reinstalled Mozilla.  
That was my negative experience.  What could I have been doing wrong?


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