ports/72156: [patch] Update x11-toolkits/py-kde to 3.11.3 and fix unfetchable

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Sun Nov 7 05:55:40 UTC 2004

On Sunday 7 November 2004 04:25, you wrote:
> http://vectors.cx/misc/for_emails/donttalkshit.jpg

Hmm like Rush saying "SHUT UP" after solliciting comment. Yes. Big boy.

I only talk sh*t if already inserted Adam. It tends to come back out. Funny 
pic though :) But I still have my comments as sent. I'm not sure what you're 
trying to add or substract or why you drag yourself into this. Loyalty? If 
it's about cc-ing port-bugs (gnats), well the initial complaint went there. 
Your reply is only blowing things up but then again the only casualty is 
gonna be me so you're in safe grounds. Of course I wasn't adressing you in 
the first place but it'll surely reassure you.

Last CC to ports-bugs. This doesn't belong there but was forced. Michael, can 
we talk about this without you publically belittling (sp?) me? I can't 
possibly know about a future port. I can't. That's not sh** Adam, it all 
smells like a mere "f**k off" and I have a right to inquire about it. I'm 
being put down as the idiot de facto this way. It certainly doen't share any 
useful information.

Probably just for completeness,


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