ports/72156: [patch] Update x11-toolkits/py-kde to 3.11.3 and fix unfetchable

Danny Pansters danny at ricin.com
Sun Nov 7 02:22:41 UTC 2004

On Saturday 6 November 2004 17:06, you wrote:

> Unfortunately PyKDE 3.11.3 is known to not compile with
> KDE 3.3.1 (fix unknown), so the window of a working py-
> kde port will be very short.

Woah. Wait a second here. Is there a kde-3.3.1 port yet? No there isn't. So 
this unfortunate fact lies on the kde@ maintainers' plate, before blaming 
porters who target the kde@ current port version (3.3.0), no? I didn't even 
know this and it's not very reasonable to expect me to. Don't tell me to 
download CVS kde and add patches from somewhere. That's not current ports.

I know that py-kde has recently been put into kde's cvs but it's not going 
into a regular kde package yet as far as I know. Most likely also not in 
3.3.1. Probably more like 4.0. So for now it'll be stuck being an extra port.

Besides, the window of a working py-kde port has historically been on average 
zero or less on FreeBSD. I thought the kde@ leader was so hung up on a 
working combination of fixed binary packages tied to releases. More important 
than source based ports some argued recently. Well, here's one, rotten as it 
may be compared to your CVS tree, it's perfectly up to date for anyone 
installing from a FreeBSD-5.3 CD.

"Fix unknown" == "Fix not made" and since the source code to hook into isn't 
even included in a port yet, I'm kinda wondering what the statement is you're 
trying to make here, Michael. Obviously you're meaning to expess something. 
It is nontheless well noted and added to collective memory. 

I'm sure you're working with the py-kde author to fix this. Clearly you don't 
need me, that's OK, I don't have much C/C++ knowledge anyway. I reckon then 
that you'll deliver in due time before next KDE release.

But please don't complain if something doesn't work with your cvs code. I 
don't have it. Period. Instead make it work or release the code (into a 
port). Otherwise I can't help obviously, regardless of your tone or whatever 
you want to implicate with it and regardless of my will or skills or (good) 

Oh yeah, as implicated by the Makefile you committed, I indeed decline 
maintainership on second thought. It's not needed. Very thoughtful to 
anticipate on this on my behalf already. Of course by logic the same goes for 
related ports py-sip and py-qt. 

Best regards,


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