"pkg: No packages matching" with www/mod_wsgi3 based on argument order

Kimo Rosenbaum kimor79 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 23 17:32:24 UTC 2014


I posted this question yesterday to freebsd-ports@ but it seems as though this list might be a better place? Apologies if this is bad form.

I just updated our ports tree and we are now running pkg v1.2.5. I've 
rebuilt all of our ports (via poudriere) and have done a `pkg upgrade 
-f` several times.

I'm trying to install www/mod_wsgi3 but get different results based on the order of arguments on my command line:

$ sudo pkg install -y www/mod_wsgi3 www/apache22
Updating repository catalogue
pkg: No packages matching 'www/apache22' available in the repositories

$ sudo pkg install -y www/apache22 www/mod_wsgi3
Updating repository catalogue
apache22-2.2.26 already installed
The following 1 packages will be installed:

    Installing ap22-mod_wsgi3: 3.4_1

Yes, I know that www/mod_wsgi3 depends on apache and doesn't need to be 
explicitly stated. However, our deployment system generates a list of 
packages to install from various sources which don't/can't inspect 
individual package dependencies and happens to pass them to pkg in same order as the bad example above.

Has anyone else ran into this?


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