[Bug 255971] FreeBSD 13.0 Stable r3822450 hangs with error pfctl: DIOCGETRULE: Cannot allocate memory

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Sat May 22 09:42:55 UTC 2021


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--- Comment #14 from Kristof Provost <kp at freebsd.org> ---
Okay, I'm starting to make sense of this.

pfctl -sr leaks memory on every invocation. I was confused by DIOCGETRULE,
because it's not that call. It's DIOCGETRULENV, but the pfctl error message is

That also means that 13.0 is not affected (yay!). DIOCGETRULENV is relatively
new code, but I don't see an obvious leak path right now.
At least it's trivial to reproduce, so we'll get there in the next couple of

You'll probably want to stop calling `pfctl -sr` or `pfctl -sa` for now.
That'll mitigate your freezing issue until we can figure the leak out and fix

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