[Bug 255971] FreeBSD 13.0 Stable r3822450 hangs with error pfctl: DIOCGETRULE: Cannot allocate memory

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Thu May 20 14:38:58 UTC 2021


--- Comment #8 from Rumen Palov <rpalov at e-card.bg> ---
When the server is in the hang state, we can enter login username in system
console, press enter and never receive password prompt. 

The machine is still having ICMP working, but we can not login to it via ssh or
system console. 

It look like heavy swap situation.

Also we do not have this error: DIOCGETRULE .

In some cases of running the hang force script we do not have any logs: no one
one the running ssh console and nothing in system logs. 

Sometimes we have:

pid was killed: out of swap space


swap_pager: cannot allocate bio

I will attach txt file with last 200K rows

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