[Bug 255971] FreeBSD 13.0 Stable r3822450 hangs with error pfctl: DIOCGETRULE: Cannot allocate memory

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Thu May 20 14:24:00 UTC 2021


--- Comment #6 from Rumen Palov <rpalov at e-card.bg> ---
The truss is running one perl script which execute 

pfctl -sr
pfctl -sn
pfctl -ss

in endless loop until the Server Hangs, so yes the file is full with repeating

This endless loop execution is the way we force the Server to become in hang
state, without to wait 12 or 14 hours. It happens for 15-30 minutes, after we
ran the script. I guess that the same count of this script is executed by the
nrpe for 12 or 14 hours, which we approach in 30 minutes with endless

I have attached one bziped file with first 200k rows, 12 MB

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