[Bug 254577] [PATCH] pf: Implement the NAT source port selection of MAP-E Customer Edge

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Sat Mar 27 22:09:36 UTC 2021


--- Comment #2 from takahiro.kurosawa at gmail.com ---
(In reply to Kristof Provost from comment #1)
Thanks for taking a look at the patch!
I forgot to note that it was made against 12-STABLE.  I'll port it to -current.

The patch is indeed not good in the aspect of breaking the ABI.  I'm glad to
hear that you are going to add the new pf ioctl.  I'll rewrite the code
using the feature when your work comes into current.
Also, I'll add the test of map-e-portset.  It seems that sys/netpfil/pf/nat.sh
is suitable for the starting point.

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