pflog and reason

mike tancsa mike at
Thu Mar 11 19:17:32 UTC 2021

I am trying to track down the IPs that are hitting my src limits, but I
dont seem them logged. According to

I should be able to see the reason something got blocked

e.g. if I have something like

pass in log on $outside_nic proto tcp from any to $http_server port 80
keep state (max 25 max-src-conn-rate 2/60)

How would I find the IP that is tripping up the max state rule or
max-src-conn-rate ?

Looking at

pfctl -sinfo -v

Limit Counters
  max states per rule               293319            0.2/s
  max-src-states                         0            0.0/s
  max-src-nodes                          0            0.0/s
  max-src-conn                           0            0.0/s
  max-src-conn-rate                  10273            0.0/s
  overload table insertion               0            0.0/s
  overload flush states                  0            0.0/s

The counters are increasing, but I never see it in pflog

tcpdump -tttt -nei pflog0 -s0 reason state-limit or reason src-limit


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