The best of both worlds “using mac filtering in pf”

l.m.v.breda at l.m.v.breda at
Fri Jul 10 17:57:14 UTC 2020


I am using pfSense, build on top of pf. And of course pfSense/pf is a terrific firewall, however the world is changing in the direction of IPV6 and that leads to new issues and related new requirements.

One of the major issues is that IPV6 does not provide a stable source address you can use to filter in your firewall. 

Many firewalls “out there” are *using the level-2 mac as a way around this issue*. � However ….. pfSense cannot provide that functionality, since it is built on top of …… pf.

Tja, and then there is a “striking” issue ….. suppose that pfSense would have been built on top of OpenBSD, still using pf ………. That had been possible …….

So as user I would be very pleased if there could be a joined “pf-release” having *best of both worlds* !!!!

Assume we were running OpenBSD …… things like � � 

step-1: ifconfig bridge0 rule pass in on fxp0 src <mac-address> tag <sometag>
step-2: And then in pf.conf: pass in on fxp0 tagged <sometag> (policy based rule)

would have been an option, …. not saying it is the best option …..  �better option would be if pf could set the tag itself

Whatever please consider adding this functionality to pf preferable on short term, since IPV6 is fast becoming very important!




PS … should I raise an feature request for this?


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