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Mon Sep 30 19:14:20 UTC 2019

Dear all,

The Tanzania Country Training on Project Management will be held at Mviringo Hall, 1st floor, Luther House Building, 15 Sokoine Drive, (Posta ya Zamani, near Azania Front Cathedral) https://repared.org/event-location/mviringo-hall-tanzania in  Dar es Salaam. The training will cover Four Modules which will take place on the dates indicated below. This training is organized by Regional Partnership for Resource Development in collaboration with ELCT-ECD Investment Trust

Module I
Resource Mobilization, Project Planning and Proposal Writing
4th - 8th November, 2019

Module II
Project Management
11th - 15th November, 2019

Module III
Community Mobilization, Empowerment and Poverty Reduction
18th - 22nd November, 2019

Module IV
Institutional Development and Organizational Strengthening
25th - 29th November, 2019

The training is part of Regional Partnership for Resource Development’s capacity building programme on Resource Mobilization, Community Development and Project Management aimed at mediating organizational development constraints through improved skills and knowledge. This training is organized within the framework of the new capacity-building programme and aimed at making participants more confident in their ability to raise resource and manage their organizations and projects more efficiently and effectively.

The training is also part of a series of Four Modules leading to the attainment of a Diploma in Resource Mobilization, Organizational Development and Project Management. The Diploma is awarded by Regional Partnership for Resource Development https://repared.org in collaboration with the Commonwealth Open University http://www.commopu.org. The training is part of a series of workshops designed to help strengthen the resource base of governments and non-profit organisations in the region. The training aims at enabling organisations in the region in mobilizing resources and building their capacity to fundraise more effectively for priority projects and facilitate the implementation of their activities.

Should you need any further information or clarification, please do let us know.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. John Chikati, PhD
Regional Coordinator
Regional Partnership for Resource Development
Email: info at repared.org / ifdm at hotmail.com

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