[Bug 240532] pf stops purging IPv6 FIN_WAIT_2 states?

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Mon Sep 16 06:13:58 UTC 2019


--- Comment #3 from Peter Eriksson <pen at lysator.liu.se> ---
I ran those tests you mention and some other stuff, and it looks like the
"accumulation" was due to Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 for what it's worth) NFS clients
bombarding our servers with new TCP connections (which they just as quickly
teared down). Like 200-400 new requests/s with unique client source port
numbers - no surprise those states accumulated quickly.

Exactly why those Linux clients are doing this is a bit unclear but it looks
like it have something to do with users having their home directory mounted via
NFSv4 with sec=krb5, and then their Kerberos tickets expiring (on the client).
Possibly while they were running "evolution" which has a number of
files/databases opened on the users home directory. This seems to cause
"rpc.gssd" (on the client) to go into a spin (100% CPU) and somehow causes this
endless stream of new TCP connections...

The stream of IP packets we are seeing look like this:

0.001280 Client -> Server SYN
0.001289 Server -> Client SYN+ACK
0.001516 Client -> Server ACK
0.003609 Client -> Server FIN+ACK
0.003615 Server -> Client ACK
0.003620 Server -> Client FIN+ACK
0.003841 Client -> Server ACK
<repeat 400 times/s>

Anyway I don't think this is a problem in FreeBSD/pf so we can close this bug.
Looking more like (yet another) Linux bug.

(I wonder if it would be possible to throttle misbehaving clients like these
somehow, perhaps some rate-limiting in PF could do the trick? Hmm...)

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