Bug 201519

Kurt Jaeger lists at opsec.eu
Sat May 21 20:44:12 UTC 2016


> It`s incomplete. I have tested only the case when inner packet is UDP. 
> Other cases should be tested I think.


> Actually the patch was mentioned in Alexey's message 
> (http://openbsd-archive.7691.n7.nabble.com/system-6564-pf-not-nating-does-not-see-icmp4-port-unreachable-packets-from-machine-behind-pf-td187997.html).
> Someone with more experience (then me) should review this patch.

Yes, but it's easier to review a patch as attachment to
the relevant PR than one posted on one of the lists.

If you did the patch for an 10month-old bug, it's a sign
that there aren't that many 'more experienced' people looking
at it 8-) So get over your modesty and add it to the PR 8-}

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