Traffic shaping incomming traffic for all vlans

Chris H bsd-lists at
Thu May 19 14:52:56 UTC 2016

On Thu, 19 May 2016 11:48:28 +0200 Radek Krejča <radek.krejca at>

> Hello,
> I have freebsd router with pf for NAT and firewall. There are 2 NICs, one for
> incomming traffic from internet and second for traffic to clients. On
> internal NIC are a lot of vlans. 
> I need to make traffic shaping for all users based on src ip from internet.
> But I have problem, it doesnt work. 
> Working rule for block all traffic is:
> block quick proto { tcp, udp } from 
> but the same rule with externa nic dosnt match: block quick on $ext_if proto
> { tcp, udp } from Why?
> And second problem - how to set up (on which interface) altq queues?
Hello, Radek.
I think better context is needed here, before anyone can provide a
reasonably intelligent answer/solution for you. In other words, can you provide
at *least* the relevant sections of your configuration(s)?


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