unable to block port on MacBook Pro

yfeldman yafeldman at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 21:12:34 UTC 2016

I am trying to block the process that is listening upon the port 9110 on my
MacBook Pro in order to simulate network interruption.
 If I have the following rule:
     block drop quick on ALL proto tcp from any to any port = 9110 
 my second process has successfully communicated with the blocked port, and
the client has successfully sent requests to the blocked process. The best I
could achieve is blocking all process communications with these list of
    block drop in all
    block drop out all

 However, it is not exactly what I need. Am I missing anything? Any
commnets/suggestion will be appreciated. Here is my lsof command output:

   >> lsof -i | grep 9110 
   java      41243  yfe  132u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e0e36555      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
   java      41243  yfe  145u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e0f43035      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
   java      41244  yfe  133u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e116eab5      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
   java      41244  yfe  147u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e0e3a075      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
   java      41253  yfe  201u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e0e38595      0t0  TCP *:9110
   java      41253  yfe  278u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e0e39055      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
   java      41253  yfe  279u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e4a195b5      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
   java      41253  yfe  280u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e5560035      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)
   java      41253  yfe  281u  IPv6 0x1e7d5327e0f43af5      0t0  TCP> (ESTABLISHED)

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