wan1 as default, wan2 dedicated to a service

Zeus Panchenko zeus at ibs.dn.ua
Fri Aug 5 00:06:06 UTC 2016

I need trivial thing but wondering where am I wrong ... :(
help please

I have two WAN interfaces: wan1 and wan2
wan1 is default route interface, wan2 is dedicated for DVR (video)

I'm trying to direct all output from DVR to wan2 (here I do not care of
where a request to DVR came from, I want all replies to go out trough wan2)

so, I hoped to do that with this pf.config

---[ start ]------------------------------------------------------------
if_wan1 = "em0"
if_wan2 = "igb0" # ip address A.B.C.D
gw_wan2 = "E.F.G.H"
table <dvr> const { }
# redirect all requests on wan2 to DVR host1
rdr pass on $if_wan2 proto { tcp, udp } to ($if_wan2) port 1234 -> port 5678
nat log on $if_wan2 from <dvr> to any -> ($if_wan2)
pass in log on $if_dvr route-to ($if_wan2 $gw_wan2) from <dvr> to any keep state
---[ stop  ]------------------------------------------------------------

as results, 
I see requests from world on $if_wan2
I see redirects of the requests, out packets on $if_dvr
I see replies to the requests, in packets on $if_dvr
but I see ($if_wan2) sourced replies, and I see them on *$if_wan1*

so, as I understand ... route-to works, otherwise replies wouldn't be
from ($if_wan2)

but nated replies appears on $if_wan1 what is default route ... so
... how can I have replies go out through $if_wan2? is it question of
the second routing table?

please, advise
Zeus V. Panchenko				jid:zeus at im.ibs.dn.ua
IT Dpt., I.B.S. LLC					  GMT+2 (EET)

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