default to wan1, definite subnet replies to wan2

Zeus Panchenko zeus at
Thu Aug 4 23:39:55 UTC 2016


I have two wan intefaces, wan1 and wan2

wan1 is for default

I have subnet in my LAN all replies from which I need to direct through

I hoped to do that with this pf configuration:

if_service = "vlan1234" # service network
table <service> const { }
# requests for the service 
rdr pass on $if_wan2 proto { tcp, udp } to ($if_wan2) port 1234 -> port 5678
nat log on $if_wan2 from <service> to any -> ($if_wan2)
pass in log on $if_video route-to ($if_wan3 $gw_wan3) from <ivideons> to ! <martians> keep state

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