Creating span interface using 'dup-to' option

Miłosz Kaniewski milosz.kaniewski at
Sun Nov 15 12:04:29 UTC 2015

2015-11-08 20:29 GMT+01:00 Kristof Provost <kp at>:

> On 2015-11-08 01:03:15 (+0100), Kristof Provost <kp at> wrote:
> > It certainly looks wrong. I can also reproduce your observation that
> > this doesn't happen when 'no state' is added to the rule.
> >
> I've been looking at this for a bit, and I think I understand what's
> happening now.
> With this rule for example:
> > pass out on vtnet0 dup-to (vtnet1 proto udp from any to any
> port 53
> In short, we hit pf_test() in the output path, match the rule and end up
> calling into pf_route(). That's all OK.
> pf_route() duplicates the packet and discovers that it's supposed to be
> sent out through a different interface (We hit 'if (oifp != ifp)' in
> pf_route()) so we run pf_test() again. That's still OK.
> In pf_test() we (through pf_test_state_udp()) find state for the
> connection and find the rule through the state. As a result we execute
> pf_route() a second time, despite the fact that the output interface is
> now different. Because we run pf_route() a second time we emit the
> packet a second time as well.

Yes, that's true. The problem appears because when pf_test() handle
packet it finds the same state that was already found for original packet.
this state has 'dup-to' option enabled so duplicated packet is being
once again.

> I suppose we could mark packets in pf_route() as M_SKIP_FIREWALL, but
> that might have other consequences.
I looked into old pf code to look for some tips. First commit worth
mentioning is 1.215
(I took commit numbers from OpenBSD cvs). In that commit mbuf tag
PACKET_TAG_PF_ROUTED was introduced to cope with problem when
packet were routed more than once. If packet already had this tag set then
it wasn't routed any more. I suppose that this approach was good and also
packets to be duplicated more than one time.
Later on there were couple of changes in this code (1.218, 1.318, 1.385,
1.440), but
they didn't change general approach and packets still could be routed (and
only once. But things changed in commit 1.447 which introduced counter
which count the
number of times that packet has already been routed. And maximum number of
operations on one packet was set to 4 . I think that since this change our
problem with
dup-to began to exists. And this code is still present in actual FreeBSD pf

The solution that at this point comes to my mind is to forbid more than one
duplication of
the same packet. We could for example set flag on every packet that pass
pf_route() and has pf_rule->rt == PF_DUPTO. If the same packet would be
processed by pf_route() then we would see that this flag is set and just
not route it once
again. Example patch is bellow:

--- pf.c_orig   2015-11-04 08:58:00.262242000 +0100
+++ pf.c_new    2015-11-04 08:58:13.146939000 +0100
@@ -5310,6 +5310,12 @@

        if (r->rt == PF_DUPTO) {
+               if (pd->pf_mtag->flags & PF_PACKET_DUPLICATED) {
+                       if (s)
+                               PF_STATE_UNLOCK(s);
+                       return;
+               }
+               pd->pf_mtag->flags |= PF_PACKET_DUPLICATED;
                if ((m0 = m_dup(*m, M_NOWAIT)) == NULL) {
                        if (s)

--- pf_mtag.h_orig      2015-11-04 08:58:27.827355000 +0100
+++ pf_mtag.h_new       2015-11-04 08:58:39.043731000 +0100
@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@
 #define        PF_PACKET_LOOPED                0x08
 #define        PF_FASTFWD_OURS_PRESENT         0x10
 #define        PF_REASSEMBLED                  0x20
+#define        PF_PACKET_DUPLICATED            0x40

 struct pf_mtag {
        void            *hdr;           /* saved hdr pos in mbuf, for ECN */

Unfortunately there are weaknesses of that  solution. Theoretically I can
imagine that
someone would use nested dup-to rules in which the same packet is many time
duplicated to many interfaces, eg:
pass out on em0 dup-to (em1
pass out on em1 dup-to (em2
pass out on em2 dup-to (em3
And if we would forbid more than one duplication, above ruleset would stop
to work
(packet would be only duplicated to em1, but not to em2 and em3).
But I can't see any simple way how to make that ruleset works and in the
same time
repair our problem.

Best regards.

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