Controlling traffic between jails on the same host

Matt Lager matt at
Sat Mar 29 06:50:24 UTC 2014

The Setup: I've got a pretty simple setup... A FreeBSD 10.0 host with 3 
jails on it. The host, and each jail are assigned a public IP address. 
The host runs PF that controls inbound and outbound traffic for itself 
and it's jails. All works really nicely. Here's a basic diagram:

PF does a really good job controlling traffic to and from remote system. 
I have recently come across the need to limit traffic from jails on the 
host to other jails on the same host. I.E. HostA-JailA needs to not be 
able to communicate with HostA-JailB. What I am seeing, however, is that 
because all these jails share a single interface, the traffic must not 
be going through PF as it is just seen as local traffic.

I briefly tried to bring up a jail on another interface (lo1 for 
example) and use NAT to provide it with its connectivity, but even then 
the local traffic was still not filterable.

There's got to be a way, but my brain hasn't thought of it yet. Any 
advice would be amazing, thanks so much ahead of time!


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