Gateway and Proxy Different Machines

Lumban Sopian lumban.so7 at
Tue Jul 26 16:50:05 UTC 2011

Dear All Master,
How to set gateway and proxy in different machines, i already gooling also
find in the freebsd forum but not solved.
For Details in gateway i have 3 ethernet :
A. Gateway
1. re0= 10.65.x.x (inter server connection)
2. em0= 202.67.x.x (Internet Provider)
3. em1= 10.0.x.x (LAN)

B. Proxy Server
1. em0=10.0.x.x (LAN)

I already set pf in proxy ro redirect www connection to ip and port proxy
server, but didn't work.


*Lumban Sopian*
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email     : lumban.so7 at

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