ping sendto: operation not permitted.

Gaurav Ghimire gaurav at
Fri Apr 16 11:50:29 UTC 2010

Dear all,

I am lately having problems with my firewall. There had not been any 
changes to the configuration and it had been working very fine. Out of 
nowhere I believe that pf is now acting abnormal and is blocking 
outgoing packets at random. It doesn't occur regular but I am getting 
the ping sendto: operation not permitted error and also its delaying udp 
queries to by dns servers that it generally protects. If I disable pf 
using 'pfctl -d' things go to normal and there isn't any issue. I also 
see connection  breaks when the pf itself tries to contact my ldap 
server for information. Disabling pf makes everything go back to normal. 
Any hint as where I should be looking would be highly appreciated. I 
have been pulling my hairs literally lately.



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