pftop queue stats

Yuriy Grishin grishin-mailing-lists at
Sat Mar 28 08:08:29 PDT 2009

Jay Aikat wrote:
> The large queue limit is just for testing purposes.  Once I figure out 
> this logging of the queue at better granularity, I plan to have more 
> realistic queue limits.
> These are for experiments I am running in our lab to study network 
> traffic characteristics and the effect of that on router queuing - 
> just FYI.
> Thanks.

I see....

There is no simple way to use a value less than 1 with "-s" parameter 
because :

        case 's':
            delay = atoi(optarg);
            if (delay < 1)
                delay = 1;
and :
int delay = 5;

Although, you can rewrite the program.

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