8.0-CURRENT: having pf enabled without any rules impacts forwarding performance

Deomid Ryabkov myself at rojer.pp.ru
Tue Mar 24 17:22:23 PDT 2009

Max Laier wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 March 2009 00:13:55 Deomid Ryabkov wrote:
>> i have a machine with nc running through it.
>> with pf disabled, i see 960-970 mbit/s through it (as reported by systat
>> -ifstat).
>> just having pf enabled, with empty ruleset:
>> # pfctl -vs nat
>> # pfctl -vs rules
>> #
>> reduces throughput to about 700 mbit.
>> this seems wrong. any ideas why this might be happening?
> You have to search the (empty) ruleset for the (implicit) default "pass all" 
> rule.  This is somewhat expensive.  Then there is the pf mutex (quite 
> expensive) and the pfil rm_lock (not so much).  In addition the pf mutex is a 
> single, global lock and thus reduces the opportunity for parallelism.
thanks for explanation, Max.
further data point: ruleset with 8 nat rules that never match (but have 
to be checked)
chops off further ~50 mbit. that i'm less worried about, but the initial 
hit for just enabling filtering does worry me quite a bit.
is there anything to be done about that? is anything being done? or planned?

[hardware is 2 x Xeon E5410 (2.3 GHz), network interfaces are Intel 
PRO/1000 PT]
>> OS: 8.0-CURRENT #0: Fri Feb 27 04:20:49 MSK 2009
>> thanks.

Deomid Ryabkov aka Rojer
myself at rojer.pp.ru
rojer at sysadmins.ru
ICQ: 8025844

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