pf + altq + cbq(borrow) not borrowing from parent...

Morgan Wesström freebsd-pf at
Wed Mar 18 15:14:27 PDT 2009

Peter wrote:
>> Peter wrote:
>>> iH,
>>>    Can't figure this out - seems as if others are having the same issue
>>> searching online:
>>> The queues will not borrow from parent.
>>> pf.conf [cut and snipped]
>>> altq on fxp0 cbq bandwidth 100Mb qlimit 500 queue {intranet, extranet}
>>>         queue extranet bandwidth 876Kb { poshta,abakan,usrx11,imvas }
>>>                 queue poshta bandwidth 34% priority 7 cbq(borrow)
>>>                 queue abakan bandwidth 22% priority 2 cbq(borrow)
>>>                 queue usrx11 bandwidth 22% priority 1 cbq(borrow)
>>>                 queue imvas  bandwidth 22% priority 1 cbq(borrow)
>>>         queue intranet bandwidth 90Mb cbq(default)
>> You need to add "borrow" to your default queue. That's where the spare

<snipped wrong advice> ;-)

>> /Morgan
> That's the thing - My uplink upload is maxed out at ~896Kb - even if I
> send traffic faster, still physically limited by uplink - That is all the
> bandwidth I want to allocate to my public IPs - I want the children to
> borrow bandwidth from each other, and prioritize the traffic..  They are
> not borrowing from each other - From my tests, the 'poshta' queue is never
> going over 34%.

If your fxp0 is connected to some broadband service where the max upload
is 876Kb, then that's what you should define in the root queue - not the
link speed of the interface. pf will get its bandwidth calculations
completely messed up by the numbers you have entered. You can never
define more bandwidth in your queue definitions than you have avaliable
on your Internet connection, regardless of link speed to your modem.

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