pfctl: Cannot allocate memory.

Andrew Von Cid andrew at
Thu Apr 16 06:17:06 PDT 2009


I'm running pf with spamd on 7.0-RELEASE and I'm getting:

pfctl: Cannot allocate memory.

when I run spamd-setup -b

It only happens when the spamd table reaches approx 84530 entries.  When 
I flush the table manually, spamd-setup will work fine for a while (it 
loaded 75480 entries just now).

As far as I understand by default pf can hold up to 200000 entries in a 
table (please correct me if I'm wrong).  I'm nowhere near this.

I read somewhere that spamd-setup will load new entries before flushing 
the old ones so for some time both old and new entries will be held in 
the table, until the old ones are removed.   But even then the table 
shoudn't hit the size limit.

The machine has 4G of RAM, there is usually around 80M free and 56% of 
swap in use.  Is it the lack of free memory that's causing this?  If so 
why wouldn't it use the remaining swap? 

Many thanks,


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