multi gateways setup

Rossikhin Aleksey arossihin at
Tue Jun 10 10:42:57 UTC 2008

Rosli Sukri wrote:
> hi
> scenario:
> users---->[lan]freebsdpf[wan]----->{gw1,gw2}
> where gw1 goes to isp1, and gw2 goes to isp2.
> requirements:
> ftp, http, https traffic goes to gw1
> telnet, ssh, mail and pop goes to gw2
> can freebsdpf do this?
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yes, it can

look for "reply-to" and "route-to" options in pass rules.

for example:
pass out route-to ($wan_if $gw1)  from $wan_if to any port http keep state

here all http traffic from freebsd host goes to gw1

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