Limiting bandwidth

Oleksandr Samoylyk oleksandr at
Wed Aug 20 13:43:39 UTC 2008

Erik Danielsson wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using PF together with ALTQ, but my need of limiting bandwidth has
> changed. I need to be able to limit the bandwidth from/to a certain IP
> range, but only once a specific amount of data has been transferred from/to
> that IP range. At midnight I want the counter to be reset, and everything
> should start over.
> For example, I want to allow, let's say 10 GiB from e.g, and
> once the 10GiB limit has been reached, I want to limit the bandwidth to xx
> kbits/s until midnight.
> Any ideas how to accomplish this, can it be done using PF and ALTQ?

Probably by means of external scripts which regenerate pf rules as cron 
jobs? :)

  Oleksandr Samoylyk

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