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Thu Aug 7 17:32:33 UTC 2008

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Tom Huppi <tomh at> wrote:
> Anyway, I am getting what I believe to be syn floods
> periodically.  They dwarf my production traffic and sometimes
> get close to producing as much bandwith as we are paying for.  A
> representative sample looks like so when viewed with tcpdump on
> my outward interface ('em1'):
> 21:36:53.870312 IP > S 27394048:27394048(0) win 16384
> 21:36:53.870319 IP > S 1793916928:1793916928(0) win 16384

Since you went to the trouble of obscuring the source IP, I presume that
the source IP is your IP.  So, these look like responses, i.e. outbound
traffic, not inbound, since they are sourced from your IP.  You can use
tcpdump's -e flag to be sure who is sending and who is receiving.

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