pf and torrent clients

Dalibor Gudzic dalibor.gudzic at
Wed Aug 6 15:55:56 UTC 2008

2008/8/6 Vitaliy Vladimirovich <artemrts at>

> Hi, All.
> I have one question about pf.
> In my LAN some users use torrent clients. This torrent client
> create states with 86400s timeoutes. But when users shutdown own computers
> at the end of working day,
> entries remain before the expiration 86400s. Not 90s as at closing web or
> ftp sessions.
> I assume, that Torrent does not close connection. How to adjust pf, that it
> would delete "dead" entries
>  created by torrent.
> Thanks!

You might wanna check the "set timeout" section in pf.conf(5) man page. You
can check default timeout options with: pfctl -st


P.S. Sorry, forgot to cc the list.

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