RES: Rule doubt

David Verzolla dverzolla at
Thu Sep 27 11:31:59 PDT 2007

Hi Michael,

When I do this, the PF changes de interface to IP.


IN pf.conf:
pass in quick on $vlan10 inet from any to $ext_if

With pfctl -sr:
pass in quick on vlan10 inet from any to 200.x.x.x


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Hello David:

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> Hi All,
> Its possible creates a rule that can match all the traffic designated
> to an specific interface?
> Example:
> pass in on $vlan10 from <vlan10> to (the interface, not the address)
> $ext_if
> The $ext_if:network doesn't works for me.
Did you try specifying the interface name instead?  As an example:


or bge0 or whatever.



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