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David Verzolla dverzolla at
Thu Sep 27 06:19:24 PDT 2007

The limit of the states was reached.

"set limit { states 70000, frags 5000 }": solves my problem.

Have anyone that has a number higher then 100000?



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I'm working with two firewall box:
      - Dell poweredge 2950
            - First  network device BCE0
            - Second network device BCE1

      - HP ML350 G3
            - First network device BGE0
            - Second network device XL0


My FreeBSD Box is a: 6.2-STABLE.

I'm working with PF Firewall + PFSYNC + VLANS (3 vlans) + CARP.
All interfaces is cloned with CARP.


The problem is:

My network is slow, when I try to connect in a web server, or try pings from my Firewall to some machine located in DMZ (tests from DMZ -> Firewall Box have the same result), I get this trouble:

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