Updating PF

Greg Hennessy Greg.Hennessy at nviz.net
Sat Sep 1 01:44:47 PDT 2007

> > You are running the version of PF which ships as standard with
> FreeBSD
> > 6.1. Which IIRC is the same as shipped with OpenBSD 3.6.
> 3.7 in RELENG_6, 3.5 in RELENG_5, 4.1 in what is to become RELENG_7.

My mistake Max :-), thanks for the correction. 

> If this box can take a downtime once in a while (i.e. not 100% mission
> critical) and you are interested in helping, then consider running the
> latest CURRENT.  It is in good shape and has the newest pf (4.1).

I would concur. 

> Just
> grab a snapshot or compile from source.

Given that the OP is not confident building from source and is treating the
installation as an appliance by using FWBuilder to manage security policy,
Unless he has driver issues, I would second the advice w.r.t installing
OpenBSD 4.1 instead. 


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