Jails and PF states on locahost

Johan Ström johan at stromnet.se
Mon Oct 29 10:13:39 PDT 2007


I got a FreeBSD 6.2 box running a few jails, with a pretty strict PF  
ruleset. I got a problem with traffic between two of the jails. Both  
have public IPs (one of them have two using the jail-multiple-ip- 
patch). The problem I have is when they are to talk with each other.  
First let med describe the PF ruleset (somewhat stripped down but  
this should be the relevant stuff)

scrub in all
block drop in log
# base system talk to itself
pass in on lo0 inet from to

# all can talk out
pass out on em0 proto tcp flags S/SA modulate state
pass out on em0 proto udp keep state

# jails talk to them selfs
pass in on lo0 inet from $jail1 to $jail1
pass in on lo0 inet from {$jail2a $jail2b} to {$jail2a $jail2b}

# let smtp in on jail1
pass in on {lo0 em0} inet proto tcp from any to $jail1 port smtp  
flags S/SA modulate state

Okay, so the problem occurs when jail2 shall talk to jail1 on port 25  
(smtp). From the above rules, when the traffic leaves jail2 (traffic  
comes from $jail2b it seems) it should match the last rule and create  
a state. And so it does!

self tcp xx.xx.xx:25 <- xx.xx.xx.134:57557       SYN_SENT:ESTABLISHED
    [3014249759 + 65536](+2074393365) wscale 1  [4121000179 + 65536] 
(+541973245) wscale 1
    age 00:01:03, expires in 00:00:01, 7:10 pkts, 384:640 bytes

So the SYN arives at $jail1, but the SYNACK fails to go back to  
$jail2b (where the state should let the packet back in?), which is  
also seen in the following row from pflog0:

09:30:34.370402 rule 1/0(match): block in on lo0: (tos 0x0, ttl  64,  
id 35618, offset 0, flags [DF], proto: TCP (6), length: 64) xx.xx.xx. 
131.25 > xx.xx.xx.134.57557: S 793675827:793675827(0) ack 4121000179  
win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,wscale 1,[|tcp]>

So.. What have I missed? The state is created but it doesnt seem to  
match enough bytes or something? 384:640 matched packets, so et  
matches in both directions?

Any clues are welcome! Thanks

Johan Ström
johan at stromnet.se

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