spamd nonfunctioning due to power outage in SD

Max Laier max at
Wed Oct 24 02:52:18 PDT 2007

On Wednesday 24 October 2007, dssampson at wrote:
> I had a power outage to our building due to the fires in San Diego and
> it crashed those without UPSes. One of them is the spamd machine. I've
> brought it back up and ran fsck on all volumes. However, mail will not
> come into our mailboxes from outside but mail can be delivered to
> outside recipients. I can telnet into the spamd machine and send mail
> externally and internally. Postfix seems to be ok. When I stop pf, mail
> from the outside of our LAN come pouring in. When I start up pf,
> inbound mail comes to a stop. In the spamd log, I see all kinds of
> connections being blacklisted and greylisted but still not one mail is
> being delivered. I am using spamd-mywhite as my whitelist and put all
> known GMail IP addresses on it. I then send an email from my GMail
> account to this machine. It gets greylisted and eventually sits in the
> greylist for quite a while. I also see ports 25 open on both external
> and internal NICs and port 8025 open on the localhost interface.
> I need assistance in troubleshooting this. Running spamd 4.1.2 on
> FreeBSD 6.2. We average 800 valid mail per day and so far in the last
> 24 hours, not one mail has come through using the existing spamd
> configuration.

Wild guess:  Did you forget to mount fdescfs(5) by default?  I know I've 
been bitten by this before.

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