Filtering bridge - how to decide which of the bridge's interfaces a packet arrived on?

Tobias Ernst tobi at
Tue Oct 2 02:34:12 PDT 2007

Andrew Thompson schrieb:

> Yes, a new option was added to HEAD that allows this (pfil_local_phys),
> it adds an additional packet filter call on the member interface for
> local packets.

> Its not in 6.2 unfortunately but will be MFC'd in time for 6.3

Thank you very much for your quick and very useful response.

Hmm, I need to keep "supported" versions of FreeBSD on this machine. I
would be willing to go to STABLE now and then go back to 6.3 when it
will be released, but going to CURRENT is probably too gross a violation
of our policy.

I will try the patch from kern/116051 on my 6.2 sources, though. The
description says that it has been tested on 6.2, and hopefully 6.3 will
be out by the time my setup goes into production.

Thanks again!


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