How to prevent FS overflow due to excessive logging?

Tobias Ernst tobi at
Wed Nov 14 11:38:36 PST 2007

David DeSimone schrieb:

>> I do not want to disable UDP logging generally - after all I want to be
>> told when things like this happen.

> If you put "keep state" on your drop+log rule, PF will only log the
> first packet that gets dropped, which reduces logging considerably. 

I thought about this, but

block in log from any to any keep state

gives me

pf.conf:266: keep state on block rules doesn't make sense

and the rule is skipped (6.2, maybe this has changed in 7?).

> However, you will not be alerted to the fact that millions of packets
> are being sent, in this scenario, so you would have to detect that via
> other means.

That's not a problem.

By the way, these turned out to be harmless multicast packets from a
remote software installation process that should have been silently
dropped, but I had the wrong netmask (/24 instead of /4) in my
"multicast silent drop" rule.


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